Monday, July 27, 2009

The Twig Book Signing

Last weekend Bob Daigneault (Dad), Frank Jaworski and I drove to San Antonio to do a book signing at The Twig Book Shop. This is an adorable shop on Broadway in San Antonio. It is one of the exclusive bookstores that physically carries our books. Any book store can order The Heart of a Father: Essays by Men Affected by Congenital Heart Defects because it's in Ingram's database, but only a handful of indie bookstores currently carry our books.

Here are Frank and Dad at the table where we did the book signing:

Frank and Bob Daigneault (Dad) at the book signing table

Bob signing a book with Frank and Kevin watching

Several things made this book signing special. Claudia of The Twig really outdid herself by providing refreshments and making us feel welcome.

Refreshment Table & Welcome Sign for MLH and IMH

Mary Adair kindly sent out electronic flyers inviting members of her support group, Mended Little Hearts, to come to the book signing. Heather Collins of It's My Heart also let her members know about our signing.

Here is a photo of Heather's family:

Heather, Coleman and Kevin Collins

It was delightful to see people from the heart community come out in support of the book and us. Here is a photo of Brenda Cabaza (a nurse who works with Dr. Calhoon -- the surgeon who saved Alex's life):

Brenda Cabaza

One of the most wonderful things to happen at the book signing was for Dawn and Wayne Martin to show up! Dawn contributed to The Heart of a Mother and I hadn't seen her since we did a television interview nine years ago! I really enjoyed getting a chance to meet her husband for the first time, too. Here are some photos of us:

Frank, Wayne, Dawn and Anna (me)

Just Dawn and Anna (me)

Christy Lerma of Mended Little Hearts also showed up! It was wonderful to get a chance to meet her and talk to her about her son. Here is a photo of Christy, Dawn and me:

I would like to thank The Twig, all of the members of the heart community who showed up and Mary Adair for helping to make this book signing the success it was.

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