Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Hearts Press Interns!

Greetings, Heart Friends! I have some exciting news to report! Baby Hearts Press has two interns!

How did this come about? Vice-President of Marketing, Bob Daigneault, hired a life coach and has had to do various activities to satisfy his personal program. In the course of working toward his life goals, he had to take some tests. One of the tests showed his strengths and weaknesses. This test illustrated for President, Anna Jaworski (me), and Bob that Baby Hearts Press was not fully utilizing Bob's strengths.

Bob Daigneault was a classroom teacher for years before becoming an administrator first in the Killeen Independent School District and later for the San Antonio Northside Independent School District (one of the biggest in our state!). Bob's great strengths deal with helping people to reach their potential by training and guiding them in certain programs.

Together, we realized that we had a great opportunity to share what we've learned about publishing with an intern -- and meanwhile could gain some much-needed help in the areas of publicity and marketing. Bob created a proposal and sent it to Temple College and the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. Within the month, we had a chance to interview Thomas Bradley and we believed that working together would be a win-win situation. Thomas plans to self-publish a book someday and he hopes that by working with us at Baby Hearts Press, he will gain the knowledge he needs to be successful.

I was so excited about having Thomas join us at Baby Hearts Press that I posted a note about it on my Facebook page. To my amazement, Sheri Turner, a long-time friend, "heart" mom and congenital heart defect advocate posted a note stating she wished she could be a Baby Hearts Press intern. I was delighted!

After some discussion and consideration, Baby Hearts Press decided to offer Sheri an internship position as well. There certainly is more than enough work for two people! Sheri is currently working on a graduate degree in business and I'm sure she will be able to share some great information with Baby Hearts Press while she helps us help other heart families like her own.

Baby Hearts Press welcomes Thomas and Sheri to our small family and hopes our association will be a fruitful one!