Friday, July 20, 2007

Rick Riordan and Alex

I have been itching to write this blog for days now! Alex and I had an awesome opportunity just recently to meet San Antonio children's author Rick Riordan. He is the author of three childrens' books: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, and his most recently published book, The Titan's Curse.

Luckily for Alex, he has many friends who are avid readers, like he is. It was because of Jen, Luke and Gretchen Oliver and Cristy, Kyle and Ryan Wade that we found out Rick Riordan was coming to Round Rock, Texas for a book signing. Alex and I had not heard of this fabulous author yet, but trusting our friends' opinions, we decided to tag along with them to meet him.

It's a good thing we got there early! A busload of children from El Paso also came to Round Rock to meet him, all wearing the typical Camp HalfBlood t-shirts -- bright orange in color! Although there were chairs set up for people to hear Rick Riordan share a reading from his newest book, there were certainly not enough seats for the huge crowd which assembled in Barnes and Noble.

Rick's first two books are out in paperback, and since we hadn't read his books yet, I agreed to buy those and have him autograph them for Alex. While we waited to meet and hear the author, Alex started reading the first book. I quickly learned that I wasn't going to make it out of the bookstore without also purchasing the third book in the five-part series known as Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I'm glad I went back and got the newest book!

Alex breezed through all three books within a couple of days. I've already read the first book, myself. They are awesome books! Now Alex can't wait to read the fourth book -- which Rick Riordan is editing right now. We've checked out his website: -- and this morning I read his blog. He is easily our newest favorite children's author.

I got a picture of Rick Riordan with Alex after he finished autographing our three books, but I took it with my camera phone and so the quality is not top-notch. The memory of listening to this man read from his book and the joy of discovering a new author and favorite new series; however, was thrilling. As soon as I can figure out how to put pictures up with these blogs, I will.

Tomorrow's post should be just as exciting for me to write about. Alex and I have already reserved our copies of the newest Harry Potter book which is due out tonight! We are so excited! Our local bookstore, Borders (formerly Waldenbooks) is having an extravaganza in the mall tonight. I believe it starts at 6 p.m., but we won't get there until swim practice is over for Alex and Joey. I'm sure we'll just eat at the mall so we can take advantage of all the festivities. I'll make sure I take my digital camera tonight so I can capture some of the magic to share with all of you tomorrow.

Until then . . . I hope your day is magical and you discover something amazing today, too.



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