Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hastings, San Francisco and Miami Conference

Greetings from Central Texas! I am so excited to be home! I have three different things I'd like to share.


There is a bookstore in Killeen, Texas called Hastings which my dad visited. He brought copies of my books and asked if they would like to carry them since I am a local author. They very graciously agreed to carry them, so if anyone is looking for My Brother Needs an Operation or The Heart of a Mother in Central Texas, you can get them from that bookstore. They are in the Local Authors section right near the front of the store. Thanks, Hastings!

San Francisco:

We had a lovely week in San Francisco in August. We had a chance to visit with Nancy and J.D. McCain which was wonderful! J.D. is contributing an essay in the Grandfathers' Chapter of The Heart of a Father and we had some time to talk about his contribution over a nice lunch at Swiss Louis Restaurant. J.D. and Nancy McCain are responsible for many of the quilts that have been created for the Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Quilt Project. There will be a Quilt Show in Texas in the fall, so check back here for more information about that in the future!

In S.F. we visited Pier 39 (see pic above) and two different aquariums (see pic above). We also visited the wax museum, a couple of art museums, including the Legion of Honor and we also went to the Maritime Mueseum - which was really neat! The weather was cold (for a Texan - hence the jacket in the pictures), but we had two lovely, sunny days.

Miami Conference:

Things continue to progress regarding the Miami Conference. We might even have the brother of a boy with HLHS performing at the conference. He is a musical genius and has been featured on television and in some Florida newspaper articles. I'm eager to see how that works out.

I've been working on my keynote address and am excited by how it's coming together. It's hard to believe that Alex turned 13 on the eleventh of August. I'm now the mother of two teenagers. Alex wasn't expected to make it to age 5. To see that he's made it to 13 and is going strong is quite an accomplishment.

More to come soon!


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