Monday, February 3, 2014

Heart Month

February is considered Heart Month, or as we Heart Parents like to say, 'Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness Month!'

What happens in CHD Awareness month? There are so many activities in February! Of course the one thing that united our community many years ago was when we decided to start asking our State Governors to make a proclamation asserting that February 14th is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness DAY. Here's a photo of one signed by Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2010.

It's not uncommon for members of the CHD community to come together to celebrate these proclamations and even have a photo taken with the Governor. Below is a great photo of Children's Sibley Heart Center patients, families and staff at the Georgia State Capitol with Governor Deal for their signing of the proclamation in 2013.

While this is important, what is most important is sharing information, spreading knowledge and, quite possibly, saving a life. Here's a beautiful reminder about how many children are born with heart defects everyday -- from an organization created to help spread awareness of the need for newborn pulse oximetry before babies leave the hospital.

I've written about the importance of newborn screening in another blog, but here is a chance for us to mention it again -- and to possibly save a life.

As much as we Heart Parents like to focus on our children in February, it's really heart month -- and it's for everyone for good reason. When you see how heart problems affect so many Americans, you have to open your heart to doing what you can to raise awareness about ALL heart problems. So that means that we may need to wear red, celebrate someone jumping rope for heart and above all, we need to care about our hearts and stay healthy so we can be here again next year to do it all over again. Happy Heart Month, my Heart Friends!

Please visit Baby Hearts Press at for resources for the congenital heart defect community.

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