Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers' Day

Dear Friends:

I am preparing to spend this day with the two most important fathers in my life -- my husband, Frank, and my dad, Bob Daigneault.

Today will be the third book signing in a row for us! Friday night we did one in Austin, Texas at BookPeople. What a terrific venue! We were on the second floor, had a stage, a sound system, and chairs for people to sit in while Dad and Frank read from the book. It was probably the nicest set up for a book signing I've ever had.

Here is Dad at the lectern.

Here is Frank reading from the book.

Saturday we had a book a book signing in Killeen, Texas. They put us in the front of the store, as greeters. This is an uncomfortable position for me to be in. I'm amazed at how many people will walk in the door and do everything they possibly can to avoid looking at the greeter! Still, Killeen has some advantages for us. I graduated from high school in Killeen and my dad taught in Killeen for years and then was an administrator there. Surprisingly enough, after graduating from college, my first job as a teacher was at my rival high school in Killeen, Texas. :-) We also have some family there (my sister-in-law, Susan) and friends nearby.

This signing was so much more fun because some friends and family took the time to stop by. I don't know if people realize how much that means to an author! Thanks Susan, Rachel, Nicky, Janet, John, Lynn, Roy, and Noah! Here's a photo of some of my dear high school friends and us.

(back, l-r) Roy Martin, Dad (Bob Daigneault), Frank Jaworski
(front, l-r) me (Anna Jaworski) and Lynn Mayo

We're starting out the day by having a Fathers' Day lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant in Belton, Luigi's. Then it's on to the book signing in Waco!



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