Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Toastmasters Meeting

My Toastmasters meeting went well last night! We celebrated our 5th anniversary as a club. I gave a toast and Bob Daigneault (my dad) gave his 10th speech in his Communication and Leadership manual qualifying him to be a Competent Communicator! Katie Thieme also gave a speech. Frank Jaworski did Table Topics and we all had a great time. Instead of our typical venue, we met at Luigi's, our favorite Italian restaurant in Belton, Texas.

Here is a photo of Dad, after he gave his speech.

Dad's speech was on Power Aging and it was terrific! I heard so many people saying they wanted to know more. Several people even told Dad that he needed to give another speech on that subject. Dad's passion and knowledge came through, but more than that -- Dad is a living example of how to power age! At almost 70 years of age, there's just no stopping him!

I can't wait to see what Dad's next speech will be about. I hope that others feel as inspired when they hear me talk as I feel when I hear Dad speak. He's a great role model!



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