Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Hearts Press Sponsors New CHD Radio Show!

Dear Heart Friends:

Tomorrow marks an historic day for Baby Hearts Press. For years Baby Hearts Press has prided itself on providing books and materials specifically for the congenital heart defect (CHD) community. When Baby Hearts Press first launched, back in 1997, the main way people got their information was from books and magazines. Shortly after that we started getting information via computers and then from the Internet!

At the time Baby Hearts Press was the only publishing company specifically for the congenital heart defect community. We wanted to provide messages of hope to others who had children or grandchildren with congenital heart defects. To our delight, it didn't take long before we also saw an increase in the number of children being born with congenital heart defects living to adulthood! Baby Hearts Press sought to serve this group of people, too, especially with books like The Heart of a Mother and The Heart of a Father.

Everything has changed today.  No longer do people rush to the library when they need information. Now people look on their computers, their tablets or their smart phones. More and more people are choosing to read "books" on their Kindle, Nook or other e-reading device. Audiobooks are more common than ever before and many people also choose to get their information from audiobooks or other sources that use audio as a platform.

With all of these changes in technology, it only seemed logical that Baby Hearts Press would change, too. Our latest venture is to move into radio! Not just any radio, but Internet radio with VoiceAmerica!

Consequently, tomorrow -- 11-12-13 -- Baby Hearts Press' new radio show -- Heart to Heart with Anna debuts! The topic of the first show is "You Are Not Alone" and features the following Guests:  Nancy and Jesse McCain [grandparents to Samantha McCain (HLHS)], Callie Rickard [mom to DJ (HLHS)] and adult survivor Carl Wolford (TAPVR).

If you would like to receive an eCard to the radio show, please go to this link: and fill in your name and email address.

We hope our readers will tune in to the show and enjoy hearing from others in the CHD community. You are Not Alone and through this radio show, we can all come closer together, share our stories and become empowered advocates in the CHD community.

Please visit Baby Hearts Press at for resources for the congenital heart defect community.

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