Friday, September 12, 2014

Baby Hearts Press News

Dear Heart Friends:

Keeping up with social media on the internet is quite a job! I have just created a storefront for Baby Hearts Press on Google+. I still have things I'll need to do to spruce it up, but at least I've started!
I've also learned how to use Buffer to disseminate short messages that I can send to people who are linked to me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and the most exciting part was that I was able to schedule these messages to go out when I want to. This means that I could sit down and come up with my messages today and schedule them for the next week and a half -- all for free! I highly recommend everyone check out Buffer App. It's terrific!

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The last thing I've done this week that is very exciting is that I've created 4 internship positions for the radio show "Heart to Heart with Anna." If you go to the "Heart to Heart with Anna" and look at the Volunteers tab, you can see the 4 job positions that are now open. Now that we are entering our 3rd Season of "Heart to Heart with Anna" we are ready to expand the reach we have established in the congenital heart defect community. Let us know if you'd like to be part of the team!

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