Saturday, September 6, 2014

Celebrating New Writers!

Dear Heart Friends:

I usually write blogs about topics of interest in the heart world or about what's happening with Baby Hearts Press but today I have to write about 2 authors who play very important roles in my life.

My son, Alexander, who was born with a number of congenital heart defects which culminated in him having the Fontan procedure (and then a revision of that Fontan 16 years later) has written his first book. I am so excited for him! It's still in the editing stages, but it's complete! In fact, it's to be the first in a series of books and he's in the process right now of mapping out the plot for the other books. I'm so honored he allowed me to help with the editing process. We'll attend a Writers' League of Texas workshop later this month that should help him make some decisions regarding what he wants to do with his book regarding publishing.

The other author I'd like to talk about is Mary Black. Mary and I met at a Writers' League of Texas event and we became each others' accountability coaches shortly after that time. Mary is the person who helped me create a whole new website and it was while I was at her house working that I got the phone call that changed the course of my life and turned me into a talk radio show host.

Mary has completed her book, Peyote Fire, and has even set a publication date for later this fall. I'm so excited for her! I'm excited to have been part of the birthing of her book and now she has honored me with one of two proofs she had printed so I can help her with the line editing.

I think one of the most exciting things about being an author and a publisher is that I really know how Alex and Mary feels about completing their manuscripts and preparing for the next step to accomplish their dreams. Once the covers of the books are complete and the books are actually available, I'll let you know!

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